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*Landscape Quilting Part 1

Landscape Quilting: Our landscaping project requires some pre-class input from you. You will have to give us some idea of what you would like to accomplish. In other words, you would need to let her see a photo or postcard of what you hope to imitate in your project.

Another requirement for this class is that you are required to know how to set your machine for ‘free motion’ sewing. This allows you to comfortably ‘thread paint’ your project as you progress through its creation. 

Materials Included:
muslin (large enough for what you are creating) / inner border fabric (1 1/2" wide approx) / outer border fabric (3-4" approx) / steam a seam / misc. fabrics to create your picture / threads to use / free motion quilting (clear) foot / sewing machine / basic sewing tools
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*Landscape Quilting Part 1

$ 20.00
Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 10:00 am